Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Well it happened again, I have all the best intentions to post on a regular basis and I failed again, we have several things happening next year the most important is finally moving into our own home here in Australia, we have, for the past 2 years been renting and it has nearly driven me mad, not being able to hang a picture or paint a wall.

So what have I been up to? we did move house last August knowing that in the New Year we would be moving again but we didn't have much choice the house we were in was put up for sale and then the owners decided they wanted to move back in.

I have been painting lots mainly for Linda's new shop on Bribie Island also called Lilly Cottage like her other shop at Old Petrie village. And now I have changed my hours that I work I now get the whole weekend off so I am planning on doing some markets.

One of the many things gone to Bribie ( Now sold)

Here are some of my notice boards I'm quite addicted to making these.

Well I do hope you all had a Merry Christmas, I will get round to showing some of the things I made when I finally got into the Christmas spirit, our tree didn't go up until the weekend before and now I'm itching to take it down.
Happy crafting


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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hello from sunny Brisbane, well it was earlier!
The past couple of days DD and I have been busy painting some of the many pieces of furniture I have!

Did I ever mention I love candle sticks
You can use them in so many ways, on their own, as a pair or a collection of 3 in different sizes.
I have over the last few months been kicking myself because many years ago when I used to enter floral art competitions, I used to have several pairs all made from wood and different shapes and sizes. But when I stopped competing I sold them and now I'm finding it very hard to get any here in Australia that are a reasonable price.

I've also been finishing a few projects .....

these tea cup pin cushions needed flowers

And so did these egg cup pin cushions

And somebody else didn't want to be missed out, Pop wanted to show her headband, doesn't she look sweet? it didn't stay on for very long!

Till next time
Happy crafting


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I've been busy,
Saturday gave me an unexpected day off work, so I had time to go to some garage sales something I don't get chance to do much these days.
On checking the paper though I was a little disappointed as there didn't seem to be many listed, but hey hoe I just went to those and did find some little treasures.
The little bonbon dish I'm going to see how it cleans up and if it's not to good I'll paint it, the 2 candle sticks also need a paint and I have some lovely crystal drops to replace the ones that are missing, and finally the tissue bow cover will have some rose treatment.

Do you see the piano stool? I also picked that it up while at the garage sales,  it needs a new bottom and top and I'll pad the seat. The pedestal table I've had for a while and the small coffee table I acquired from another source, all have been sanded and are waiting for me to paint them.
I've also been painting some other bits and bobs as I really must get my madeit shop up and running.

Cute side table

Boxes boxes and more boxes

Small hexagon box with hinged lid

Small jewellery box with hinged lid

Larger square box with removable lid, the inside has a pale pink paper patterned lining

I'm really into suit cases at the moment and when I get chance to purchase one at a reasonable price I do

pair of sweet paintings to hang on a wall

Well I'd better go do something DD needs a fancy dress costume making for Sat evening, this is it so far, she's going as Esmeralda.

Till next time
Happy crafting

Debbie x

Saturday, 25 June 2011

I'm late I'm late......

For a very important date.
I was a very lucky lady on Thursday as I got to go to lovely Lindas Mad Tea Party.
It was held on beautiful Bribie Island

A gathering of lovely ladies

A table set with lots of pretty vintage china and glass, all ready for scrummy cakes and lots of cups of teas

And then, a game of croquet with lots of laughter.....

And then before we knew it it was time to say good bye ...

Thank you Linda and Tim for such a lovely day.

I painted these little pendants as a little gift for each guest.

Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to check out Linda's blog for more photo's

Friday, 20 May 2011

Ring a ring a roses.....

A pocket full of posies, a tissue a tissue we all fall down, well not quite, but due to illness I had a change of plan yesterday so was able to paint all day.
Most of the pretties I painted will be finding their way to lovely Linda's at Lilly Cottage .
Before I started to take photos I noticed these 2 lovely roses in the garden, the roses in our garden are quite old but they have given  some beautiful blooms and they have a devine perfume.

Front of watering can

Back view



and pots

this little bucket was originaly green

Large framed chalk board with little pegs
I've had some of these frames for sometime and was planning to make padded notice boards from them, but after I made the small forget me note boards I decided to make them as chalk boards.
I'm hopefully going to go to some garage sales in the morning before work fingers crossed there will be lots of goodies.


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I've been busy

I've finally been able to get some painting and sewing done, because like most I have a regular job (that pays the bills) as well as my little craft business that I hope will one day pay the bills fingers crossed.
This last week I've been painting lots of pretties to take up to Mimmis at forest Hill .
 DD and I made the trip there today which for us newbies to Aus was amazing the scenery was stunning.


Forget me notes boards

Fabric painted hearts drying

A little hanging pillow

Happy crafting